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That document here is what appears to be a scanned copy of the print [magazine] version of a Business 2.0 magazine uploaded by a user of a new online library called Scribd. The text from the article can be found online here, but this online version lacks the cool illustrations (created by the innovative folks at XPLANE) found on the print version. Using Scribd’s embeddable code, I can post the full print document – with links for downloading – directly into my blog. Oh, it gets better. Neither print or online version offer what you… Read Article →

Last year, I made multiple posts of the online-videos-are-going-to-be-big variety… The rise of YouTube Video Worth a Thousand Pictures The Virtual Business Tour InformationWeek: Firms “must” embrace video Public speaking guru Bert Decker certainly gets it, as suggested by his recent posts Desktop Video Revolution… This year 2007 will be the Year of the Video. …and The Power of Instant Video: Video compression and the capability of an unknown to make a one minute “film” and have such impact is revolutionary. The revolution has started…Use this tool – influence in new ways His latter… Read Article →

Finally! In Swivel, I think I’ve found (thanks to this Fast Company article) an easy-to-use way to create simple web-based charts. The Swivel guys do a bang-up job telling their story in the About Us section of their web site. I think too many technology outfits fall short in this area. From the hows (origination of the concept and their revenue model), the whys (their motivation), and the whats (a tour of their new place), to kudos to key external contributors, to a reference to an advisor’s hobby of trumpet-playing advisor, it’s all there –… Read Article →

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