Make Docs More Viral With Scribd

That document here is what appears to be a scanned copy of the print [magazine] version of a Business 2.0 magazine uploaded by a user of a new online library called Scribd. The text from the article can be found online here, but this online version lacks the cool illustrations (created by the innovative folks at XPLANE) found on the print version. Using Scribd’s embeddable code, I can post the full print document – with links for downloading – directly into my blog.

Oh, it gets better. Neither print or online version offer what you see on the bottom bar of the document: a link for downloading an mp3 recording of the article’s text. How cool is that?

Let me get this straight: Now I can create a new document or take an existing document, embed it – and links for downloading it in any one of multiple document formats – on my blog, and add my $0.02 on it in the blog posting. You, the consumer, can download my document to your PC for viewing and an mp3 recording of the document’s text for your iPod.

My my, the possibilities here.