The Video Revolution Has Started

Last year, I made multiple posts of the online-videos-are-going-to-be-big variety…

The rise of YouTube
Video Worth a Thousand Pictures
The Virtual Business Tour
InformationWeek: Firms “must” embrace video

Public speaking guru Bert Decker certainly gets it, as suggested by his recent posts Desktop Video Revolution…

This year 2007 will be the Year of the Video.

…and The Power of Instant Video:

Video compression and the capability of an unknown to make a one minute “film” and have such impact is revolutionary. The revolution has started…Use this tool – influence in new ways

His latter post cites the so-called “Hillary 1984” video (below) as an example of how a brief video – in this case, just 74 seconds long – can pack a powerful message which spreads virally big-time (more than 2.7 million views at post time).

This is the Year of the Pig on the Chinese calendar. When a YouTube search on “Year of the Pig” produces more than 670 results (as it does at post time), you start thinking that Decker’s “Year of the Video” proclamation might not be so far-fetched.